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Airborne Bunny makes his first TV appearance!

It's been a crazy month since Airborne Bunny was officially unveiled. Actually, the announcement comes with it's own funny story. I wasn't planning on telling anyone until Friday, the 7th of February, when my wife, DeDe, would be home and we could issue a press release and spread the word via our friends and family on Facebook. But, on Tuesday of that week, DeDe gave a copy of the book to her best friend, Kristina, who was so excited for us that she took a picture and posted it on Facebook! That happy accident led to moments like this - people seeing our news on Facebook and inviting me to come be on their morning news show. Lori Wallace, works for Good Day Sacramento, and she and DeDe used to work together, so she hooked me up bright and early on a Saturday morning, and what fun! That set has got to be the happiest place on earth! Thanks, Lori! Here's the link to watch the clip on their website:

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