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What a labor of love

This is a day that has been long in coming! Writing Airborne Bunny for my son was just a small labor of love. Self-publishing it is a LONG labor of love. This is my first book, so I don't speak from much experience, but what I can say is that publishing your own book is like building your own house. If you hire a large company to do it for you, it can be ready quickly. If you're doing it all yourself - it's a year-long project. But, in the end, it's yours - done the way you want it. And it is a GREAT feeling.

I set out to write a book for my son, Ranger, but my business manager (aka, my wife) is big on sharing tools with other parents. And since this story sparked from talking to friends with kids who had trouble sleeping alone in their rooms, but found comfort in some military teddy bears I brought back from a trip, I figured it certainly couldn't hurt to share this story with other parents. We hope you and your family enjoy Airborne Bunny, and we hope to have more tales from this adventurous little guy to come in the future.

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